I aim to offer entertaining and well-informed tours, and I will go to the utmost lengths to give clients a memorable time. 

Here are some comments and feedback from recent clients:


"Dear Fred, the Danes thought the tour of Bath was a fantastic success and described the experience as “sensational”! I can’t thank you enough." (JS, Bath)


"On our tour of Glastonbury and Wells, Fred was lovely, incredibly knowledgeable and picked up on our interests and moulded the tour to what we wanted to see." (LC, Canada)


"Fred deserves recognition for doing a potentially very intimidating thing: talking about medicine and medical history to a group of medics, which he did fantastically and very engagingly from beginning to end. Such a different spin on a social event." (AB, Bristol).


"Fred, just a quick email to say many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating medical history tour of Bath. Despite having lived in Bath for 20 years I saw parts of it and learnt facts about its history that I had no idea about." (AK, Bath)


"We had Fred on our tour. He was great, I wanted to listen to everything he had to say. Was the best thing we did in Bath." (FW, London)


"Fred was an excellent guide. Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Really enjoyed it. Would recommend to anyone." (F, Birmingham)


"This tour was a perfect introduction to Bath. Fred was great, the right amount of facts and detail and extremely helpful." (SO, Manchester)


"Would recommend this walk to everyone visiting Bath. Our guide Fred was great, really informative and interesting." (CW)


"Our guide, Fred, was knowledgeable, interesting and funny." (C, Christchurch).


"Best tour guide ever!!! Fred answered all our questions and even gave a few suggestions on what to do after the tour was over." (KS)


"Our walking tour around Bath with Fred, our friendly guide, was one of the highlights of our weekend in Bath. We enjoyed it so much that we retraced our footsteps the following day to spend more time at some of the sites we had visited the previous day." (LM)


"Fred was a warm and friendly guide with tons of knowledge and insight into Bath, its history, architecture and culture." (DN)


"Despite the rather bad weather, Fred took us around Bath sharing stories and facts. Very pleased with the tour and Fred’s commitment was truly impressive. Highly recommended." (GB, Guernsey)